How to Choose Between Two Homes You Love

Jane Douglass February 16, 2017

How to Choose Between Two Homes You LoveDo you find yourself having to choose between two homes that you love? It’s a lucky problem to have. Some buyers struggle to find one home that meets their needs. Nonetheless, your good fortune doesn’t make the choice any easier. If you find yourself torn between two houses, these tips can help you make a decision you’ll feel comfortable with in the end.

Go back to the beginning

When you first began your home search, did you make a list of all your needs and wants? It’s time to pull that list back out. For each home that you’re considering, make a list of all the things about it that you like. Then compare those lists to your original list of needs and wants. If one home seems to match much better than the other, it may make your decision more obvious.

Consider the neighborhood

While you may imagine your future home to be an oasis, it is not a private island. You will be part of a neighborhood, which can impact your overall happiness in the long run. Take time to evaluate each neighborhood and what you like or don’t like about it. How far away is it from your work? Is it in a good school district? Are there amenities nearby like markets and gas stations? What are the crime statistics? Do the neighbors keep their yards maintained? Are there many other homes for sale? These are all questions that can help you determine which neighborhood is more suitable for your individual needs.

Think about future value

Selling your home in the future may not be top of mind, but it’s important to consider its resale value down the road. How does each home stack up to the others in the community? Is it larger or smaller? Is it the nicest house on the block, or does it fall somewhere in the middle? Are property values in the neighborhood going up or down? How long do homes in this neighborhood typically stay on the market before being sold? Are there many foreclosures? If you think that you’ll be selling your home anytime in the future, it’s important to consider what your return on investment will be.

Ask for feedback

Trying to choose between two homes can be a very emotional decision. But in the end it is also a business transaction. It can be helpful to ask for feedback from someone who is not emotionally connected to either home. If you’ve partnered with a trusted professional real estate agent, they can offer advice and suggestions that will help you make this difficult decision. An agent who has been working in your market for several years will have the knowledge and experience to offer you an educated opinion.

In the end, the best way to decide between two homes you love is to arm yourself with facts and data. While your intuition can help guide you, if you weigh the pros and cons and consider all the pertinent market information, you can feel confident that you’ll be happy with the home you choose.

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