Dress Up Your Home with a Costume Party

Jane Douglass August 4, 2015

Try serving a cauldron of drinks in your homeHalloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to make plans for throwing the best costume party in your home. A costume party can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. With creative costume ideas and good food, you have everything you need for a great evening with friends.

The key to throwing the best costume party in your home is, of course, the costumes! While there are lots of amazing costumes to buy or rent, why not encourage your guests to make their own? It’s amazing what people come up with. If anyone is stumped for ideas, sites like Pinterest are full of quick and easy costume ideas that are also pretty hilarious.

Once you’ve got the costumes taken care of, make up the menu of treats for your party. You want to feed your guests well when you’re throwing the best costume party in your home. If you need to keep things simple, most people are happy with pizza, chips, a few dips, and maybe some pumpkin sweets. If cooking is your thing, this is a great time to go all-out. Try deviled eggs made up to look like pumpkins, chocolate chip "spider" cookies or make mummies by wrapping hotdogs or sausages in dough. For drinks, try using dry ice in a cauldron for a not-to-be-forgotten Halloween thirst quencher.

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